A Play-Space with a circuit of play where kids can climb and slide all day. I designed this tree house to be simple enough for kids to bring their immense imagination to, but elegant enough for the adults to enjoy as well.  Made of Wester Red Cedar and a custom wood and stainless steel slide this little house can grow with the kids.




The Process started with sketches on paper, a discussion with both the parents and kids and a desire to make something unique and modern. We built most of the structure off site in the controlled environment of the shop. There we could dial in the precise truss-like wall system and exact positioning of the slanted walls.  The trapezoidal shape of the walls allowed for a semi self supporting structure in the floor.  This allowed for less weight and easier transport onsite.


When we transported it to the site we built a temporary scaffold and perched the platform at the desired elevation. The flat pack assembly freed us up to pop the treehouse back together that same day.  One more day was required to put the finishing touches on the main structure and install the slide.