420 9th St, Finished!

Exterior Front

No longer a sunny lot with an efficiency garage apartment, We’ve transformed 420 9th St into a tropical hideaway in the heart of downtown Charlottesville.  The house was purchased by owners Staci and Robyn who have since added beautiful details including landscaping and a pool. Walking through the house its hard to believe you are in the middle of the city.

420 9th st kitchen2

The downstairs is airy, and filled with natural light with local reclaimed wooden accents running throughout.


DSC_8463    DSC_8462


DSC_8600    DSC_8554Master bedroom with tiled plywood accent wall, good looking dog (Teddy!), and pocket door.


420 9th st bedroom            420 9th st bathroomGuest bed and bath

420 9th st detail4      DSC_8672The upstairs offers more privacy with fewer windows and cozier spaces.  A polycarbonate half-wall diffuses light  from the windows and offers a nice transition to the second floor.

Inner Courtyard

The backyard was a focal point for Staci and Robyn.  As entertainers, they wanted a space to relax and a space they could share with friends and family.

420 9th st detail 2


The courtyard was designed to unify the two buildings and offer privacy, using the houses as screens to the street and surrounding neighbors.


For a closer look, enjoy this video, with shots from Skyclad