Treehouse construction in 4 Easy steps

As we wait for a delivery of swings and a slide for our latest treehouse, we thought it would be a great time to show you the 4 easy steps to building a treehouse. These steps are so good, we used them in our latest project, the Riverbluff Treehouse.

The Breakdown

  • Step one: Build the treehouse platform (in the shop at the IX art park), set posts and borrow 4 people  to lift the platform into place.
  • Step two: Add flooring, a ladder and walls
  • Step 3: Install siding, roofing, railing and a rain barrel (just for fun)
  • Step 4: relax in the shade while you wait for swings to arrive in the mail.


  • (We also extended this retaining wall for a wider swing bed, but that’s another story)